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What is WordPress an Overview by 9Creators

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WordPress is a free and open-source website and blog developing system based on PHP and MySQL. To use this software we must have to install it on a web server which would be part of an Internet hosting service or a network host. In this article, we will a look at the topic What is WordPress an Overview.

Welcome to another tutorial. In this article, we will take a look at What is WordPress? and why should we use it? As we know that WordPress is an open source software and millions of websites are developed for this software. According to The Next Web30% of all sites now run on WordPress. Through this, you will now understand clearly that how much this blogging platform is powerful. This article will give you the answers to all those questions which you search on the internet.

Like as:
What is WordPress
Why you should use WordPress
In what ways you can use 
A good showcase of sites that are using WordPress

We think so this is enough introduction so without wasting your time lets start the overview of WordPress.

WordPress Dashboard Overview or Introduction

WordPress Dashboard Overview or Introduction.

This is the main Interface of WordPress. In this section, we will discuss all the numbers which are assigned in the figure. We do this so that you will get info about its interface easily.

Basically, WordPress Dashboard Area consists of 3 main parts,

  • The Toolbar at the top of the page.
  • The main Navigation Menu on the Left side
  • The main Work Area

Let we start to understand each part separately in detail.

Overview Of The WordPress Dashboard Area

The WordPress Dashboard can be Especially Important and useful place to get the information about the status of your website.

1. The Toolbar Area of WordPress

The WordPress Toolbar area mostly contains the commonly used Administrative functions. Like,

  • A number of comments,
  • New WordPress, theme, plugin Update, and
  • Quick Link to create a new post, Upload Media, New page and Add new user.

These Option help us to quickly open the New Post, Page, Check Comment etc, It does not matter where you are in the WordPress. You always see WordPress Toolbar at the top of your website.

2. The Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu consists all Menus Tab of the WordPress screen. Hovering over a Menu Tab, it opens the submenu which contains other additional features.

Every menu Tab Performs a special Function and Task in the WordPress Dashboard.

Note:   The menu bar can also be collapsed by clicking on Collapse Tab.

After Installing WordPress on your host you will see the following options in your Navigation Menu.

  • Dashboard –  It is the place where you can check the status of your site and the statics.
  • Posts – Here you can write, delete, edit and publish your articles or posts and also can managing tags and categories.
  • Media – To managing the media content library (things like images, video, and audio).
  • Pages – Here you can write, delete, edit and publish your pages.
  • Comments – the Comments section is used to manage your user’s feedback.
  • Appearance – It helps to customize the site layout. like as edit themes, set up widgets, create custom navigation menus, and more.
  • Plugins –Plugins are used to secure and improve your website. Here you can Install, Activate and delete Plugins of your website.
  • Users –  This section allows you to add a new user, edit your own profile, and changing E-Mails and Passwords etc.
  • Tools – Tools provides some extra powerful tools plus options for saving and exporting content.
  • Settings – In Settings the options are maintained (like as your website’s name, privacy/security, and permalink settings etc.).

3. Workspace Area

By Default WordPress have four sections called Dashboard Widget and One Wellcome Screen.

It contains all the spaces which we used to manage our website latest news.

This  Option Will tell you;

  • How my Post, Page, and Comment you have on your website.
  • Which version of WordPress you are Using and
  • Which Theme you are running on WordPress.


PROS / We can develop Online Stores, Blogs and many other websites this single software.

CONS / It has errors problems which are difficult to solve.

VERDICT / This is the best software for skills persons and it has many add-ons available in the market. We can use it for different purposes. A number of tutorials are available on the internet to learn it. 

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