How to fast export video in Filmora Video editor

Filmora Export Problem | How to fast Export video in Filmora Video Editor

Exporting/Rendering any video slow is Filmora major problem. Many people search for its solution on the internet. Now you do not need to worry about it because we will tell you how to fast export video in Filmora Video Editor.

Exporting any video slow is Filmora major problem. When we edit our movie with full attention then we need to render it. When we save our video then a problem occurs when its take too much memory as well as time. This is a very big problem because we have not much time to wait too much. We also cannot skip this step because this is important, Then what to do?. You do not need to worry we will help you to render your video fast with a great setting. Let’s start by watching the video.

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If you do not want to watch the video you can skip this step and scroll down for more detail. If you’re new to Filmora then take a look at its overview.

How to fast export video in Filmora video editor

To render your video fast within no time just follow the steps which we tell you. When your editing is end and video is ready for export then simple click on Export button.

Click on the export button to save your video
Click on the export button to save your video

When you click on export than a prompt will appear called Output. Now it has options like Format, Video Location and Video title etc. You just need to click on Settings. Again a prompt will appear which contains the settings for the output of video. Here you will see 3 main categories of Quality, Video and Audio. Let first understand what these means

Click on the Setting Button
Click on the Setting Button


The quality session will tell you which position you want to keep for your video Best, Better or Good. The best session contains high bitrates while Better and Good contains normal bitrates respectively.


The video contains the setting of Encoder, Frame Rates, Resolution and Bitrates etc. The encoder is used to encode our video into different qualities. The resolution contains pixels which we want to keep. Frame rate contains fps means how many frames passed in one second and Bitrates contains video processing speed.

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The audio section is used for audio bitrates etc like as the video section.

The best render setting for Filmora

The best render Filmora render setting for 1080p is as follows

Quality: Choose the Best quality

Video: Encoder = H.264 (HD Optimized), Resolution = 1920*1080, Frame Rate = 30fps (Depends on your video), Bit Rate = 4000 kbps for 1080p and 8000 kbps for4K Resolution

Audio: Encoder = AAC, Channel = Stereo, Sample Rate = 44100 Hz, Bit Rate = 320 kbps

Adjust your video according the the setting
Adjust your video according to the setting

After setting up this setting and configuring your bitrates etc click on OK button and then simply press the Export button to save your project.

Your Video is being Exported
Your Video is Being Exported

When you will click on the Export button then your video will begin to convert. Now it will take up to 2 or 3 minutes to export your video depending upon its length. When video converting is completed then check your result and enjoy the tutorial.

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So in the end, we try our best to tell you how to fast render video in Filmora Video Editor. If this tutorial helps you then tell us in the Comments box. If you like this tutorial then SUBSCRIBE Our YouTube Channel for the latest updates. You can also Like Our Facebook Page and Follow Us On Twitter too.

17 thoughts on “Filmora Export Problem | How to fast Export video in Filmora Video Editor”

  1. You remarked that the video should convert and render in 3 to 4 minutes.
    I’ve used those settings you specified repeatedly, and my “Export” stalls somewhere in the middle every time.
    How does anyone even get a hold if tech support at Filmora?
    They said before I bought it that I would have complete access to Tech Support.
    I can’t find even a phone number.
    Please help

  2. I just tried it, I hope it will work cause I just tried to export a 23min video, and it made to 70% for 12h. I really hope this works,cause it is driving me crazy.

  3. I’ve bought a laptop… The filmora rendering uses its resources like this:
    – 40% of CPU
    – 3% of HDD
    – 9% of the dedicated GPU..
    I have to wait 2 hours for a 35 minutes long video meanwhile the rendering could be finished much-much faster.
    What’s wrong with this f*kin software or what do I miss?

  4. Joselito Batiswta

    it is taking 5 hours to upload a video of 25 minutes
    i have it on . 1920×1080
    Frame rate 30

    Is this ok? Thank you

  5. Prasis Nursyam S

    I use Nvidia GTX 1050, and filmora just taking 1% GPU, 73%CPU and 74% Memory
    I try to render
    Duration : 1H
    Resolustion : 1920×720
    Bitrate : 3000
    FPS : 30fps
    Rendering Time : +3H

    1. Dear Render and Export are two different things. In Render, we make our videos playable smoothly and its depend on your videos resolutions and parts. While Export is a thing called offline playable video, In this your Computer Graphics Card and RAM Should be greater and high.


  6. 60second Video – 1080p / 30fps – WEBM Format – 8000bitrate

    Export File is 55MB

    I have 8Cores/16Threads 3700x CPU AMD – 16GB RAM and 5600xt 6GB GPU
    GPU Rendering Options are enabled in Filmora

    I am sitting here now, watching the Rendering Bar going 1% every 5minutes higher. Its over 2 hours now and i am at 26%

    Only 3 or sometimes 4 CPU CORES are used by Filmora at 100% and my GPU is at 1% LOAD

    So either Filmora CANNOT Process faster or there is literally no need for MORE Cores/GPU Load to be accessed because it just takes so much time…..but well, its very dissapointing.

    I need to say, the Video is just 16times the same PICTURE with a lot of effects on it…not even a real VIDEO 😀

  7. Ok nevermind….after i finished the WEBM Export, it was 650MB not 56MB as stated in the Preview Export, after that i exported my 1min Video again with mp4 once with h264 and once with mpeg4 codec, both just took not even 2minutes and my GPU Load was 30-40% this time. Looks like WEBM took FRAME by FRAME like in a GIF File i guess….and is not using the GPU for that.

    So yeah, lesson learned i guess ^^

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