IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 Review 2021

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 Review 2021

Advanced SystemCare Pro 14


One-click optimization


Extra Features


Easy to Use







  • Easy Navigation and Interface
  • One- Click Optimization
  • Multi-functional tool
  • IObit promotes its products like hell
  • Free Version Available


  • Over-optimization slows the PC
  • Need some extra tool
  • Too Much Promotion of IObit's Other Products

Nowadays everyone wants that its PC should be in rocket speed. We got confused when we see our Computer lazy and search on the internet that how to speed it’s up. In this review, we will show you completely IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 review 2021.

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Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 is an all-in-one purpose software. It provides an automatic PC Health-care solution. This is done with antivirus, privacy protection, and system clean up abilities. The program is made for users at all stages of experience. It can be just a beneficial tool to boost PC speed and scrub it. Including FaceID, IObit has added features in this version. Preventing your personal computer is effective. It delivers a whole good deal of features for identity security and protection. If you should be expecting to foster, you can be based upon this specific tool.

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Advanced SystemCare 14 Pro Review 2021

The Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 is an application that’ll track various dangers and maintain your personal computer without having your program period from the hectic schedule. The features permit the consumer to relax and invite the applications to support the PC.

The program may perform care surgeries for you containing whole PC tuneup, PC tidies upward, PC security from attacks and docs, and PC browser protection. The programmers offer variant offers that provide an increase of features like extended security danger protection, along with Malware Protection, Internet Browser security for browsing and surfing, and a great deal more.

Key Features of Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

The significant addition is anti-virus protection, both real-time and on-demand by the IObit and BitDefender engines. And otherwise, the program works much like any other antivirus. You can run fast or system that is complete; create a scheduled scan to run whenever it’s convenient; have the program run in a “Silent Mode” when you’re playing games to minimize unnecessary notifications and more.

  • Clean your PC with AI
  • Sped up your PC fast
  • Protect the data your care about
  • Boost your Internet Speed Smoothly
  • Firewall Protection
  • Check Software health automatically
  • Real-Time Tuneup
  • Anti-Tracking
  • Large File Cleaner

Let’s take a look at these features one by one and get into them.

Clean your PC with AI

AI feature in IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

AI feature in IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

“How to clean my Windows?” Let AI liberate your computer and save your time. In the new AI mode, Advanced SystemCare can make a personalized plan for you to scan and clear tons of junk files, unnecessary logs, and caches, leftovers from the third-party tools, browsers, including your Windows 10 system.

It always learns from your optimization habits and PC performance status. Find out your PC problems and errors, then fix them all. A daily click brings you a fresh PC.

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Speed up your PC fast

Speed up your PC speed with IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

Speed up your PC speed with IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

Why your PC is so slow? The reasons are always one after another and you don’t know all of them. Too many programs run at system startup. Unknown applications and services are running and occupying memory. Your hard disk is lack defragmentation.

As PC hardware continues to speed up, so does software, and Windows 10 is no exception. This is especially true of startup time: If you upgrade from Windows 7 or earlier, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fast your machine is ready for action.

Advanced SystemCare can always fix them within one shot and optimize your PC with 30+ troubleshooters. Speedup, we mean it. It will speed up your pc just like a rocket.

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Protect the data you Care about

Protect the data your care about feature in IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

Protect the data your care about a feature in IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

The security of your privacy is the top priority. How to minimize the risks? Advanced SystemCare clears your privacy traces including saved passwords and disguises your fingerprints on 200+ programs and browsers, fixes the security vulnerabilities and exploits on Windows system, updates your programs to the latest version, and cautiously blocks access from suspicious programs to your sensitive data.

You need to tension free from this feature because it will not steal your personal data.

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Boost your Internet Speed Smoothly

Boost your Internet Speed with IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

Boost your Internet Speed with IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

Suffering from sluggish video streaming and download speed? Boost Internet speed is an essential skill for everyone, especially those who work remotely from home.

The Internet Booster in Advanced SystemCare spares no effort in diagnosing your PC and network, smartly increasing your Internet speed by maximizing network bandwidth with just one click.

No one likes a slow running computer or internet everyone wants a fast pc. So, IObit Speed Booster will fix all of your problems.

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Firewall Protection

Firewall Protection feature in IObit Advanced systemcare pro 14

Firewall Protection feature in IObit Advanced SystemCare pro 14

Firewalls are software programs or hardware devices that filter and examine the information coming through your Internet connection. They represent the first line of defence because they can stop a malicious program or attacker from gaining access to your network and information before any potential damage is done.

SystemCare Pro 14 will also protect your data and keep the firewall of the system running well. Protect your Windows system all the time.

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Check Software health automatically

System health feature in IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

System health feature in IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14

Software updates are a way for software developers to fine-tune a product to make it the best it can be. They offer small, frequent improvements rather than major changes. Unlike a software upgrade, updates need the existing software program you’re using to work. Updates sometimes run automatically in the background.

The IObit SystemCare will keep updating the most-used programs to get rid of some high-risk vulnerabilities and stay safe.

Real-Time Tuneup

Real-time tuneup feature in iobit advanced systemcarepro 14

Real-time tuneup feature in IObit Advanced SystemCare pro 14

A PC tune-up utility is a piece of software that analyzes all of your system files, locates problematic areas, and corrects them to improve the performance of your computer. This will not only improve the performance using your PC but also improve the start-up time of your computer.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 will monitor PC performance status in real-time and release more RAM and disk space automatically. It recognizes, thoroughly clean, repair, improves, and ultimately shield PC.

Advanced SystemCare includes an overall performance that secretes memory space at the touch of the key to helping keep your Computer running smoothly in seconds. Generally, in most earlier, slowly PCs, there is a lot of trouble decreasing their speed. With Advanced SystemCare, your PC shall remain error-free and smooth.

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Anti Tracking in Advanced IObit SystemCare Pro 14

Anti Tracking in Advanced IObit SystemCare Pro 14

Anti-tracker allows you to manage and block different types of trackers for a private browsing experience, including advertising, site analytics, customer interaction, social media, and even several “essential” Trackers that you might not want forking for your data. Mind you, Anti-tracker is not an ad blocker.

The Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 will clear tracking data and disguise digital fingerprints to keep each online behaviour private. The program aids four optimization settings that could effectively help you clean up rubbish data files in your computer, provide more computer area, improve the registry, defragment, and Delete all ineffective applications.

The software also integrates a standard toolbox, including three safety fixes, program optimization, and system cleanup simultaneously and offering one-click maintenance and speed optimization features. It provides significantly more than 20 resources, which can be a small mix with other IObit products.

Large File Cleaner

Large file Cleaner feature in IObit SystemCare Pro 14

Large file Cleaner feature in IObit SystemCare Pro 14

File Cleaner is a feature that help you cleaning unnecessary big size files. It can list big size files by type(image/audio/video/others), by file directory and by file extensions. With this app, you can find big files which waste phone storage easily and save phone storage. Features: fastest scanning speed.

Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 will find, locate, and remove large files with ease. Quickly release gigabytes of storage space.

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Additional Features of Advanced SystemCare Pro 14:

  • Significantly enhanced the “junk file elimination” and “privacy scanning” functions.
  • Rebuild file shredder with brand new support for erasing the free disk room.
  • Improved registry cleanup eliminates more registries to boost system performance.
  • Surf Protection and Ad Removal database present a far more secure and ads-free surfing experience.
  • Locate and fix the registry with technology: Deep Scan inch.
  • Only one click will probably resolve ten problems in the conventional computer.
  • Shield your PC from threats inherent security.
  • Real-time optimization with active boost function.
  • This technology actively operates intelligently in actual-time.
  • Continuously detects resources being inactive optimizes CPU and ram utilization.
  • Detects and analyzes the valid home window’s security environments.
  • Scans and gets rid of adware and spyware the usage of updated definition papers.
  • It stops adware, hackers, and hijackers.
  • Erases and updates your PC’s interest histories.
  • Cloud technology to protect the database as much as date
  • Continues your laptop computer running at top performance.
  • Optimizes windows for remaining system efficiency.


IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 14 builds on the PC performance foundation of System Mechanic, adds the real-time AV and data protection features of System Mechanic Pro, plus secures your web browsing, manages passwords and credit cards, and removes malware on-demand.

We spent a fair amount of time going over the vast majority of tools and features included in Advanced SystemCare Pro 14. You should have a solid understanding of how to use this software as well as the many add-on products that make it the Ultimate PC tune-up utility for system performance, protection, and privacy.

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