iMyFone Filme Video Editor Review 2021

iMyFone Filme Video Editor Review 2020

iMyFone Filme Video Editor






Ease of Use







  • Easy To use for Beginners
  • Provide Built-In Effects for quick editing
  • Layout Design is excellent
  • Do advanced editing like a pro
  • Fast export any video


  • Does not change titles text and very low templates
  • Do not provide Render button for smooth editing
  • Tools and features are very low
  • Do not provide Pan-n-zoom feature
  • Little bit difficult to learn

Nowadays every company working on video editing software. Firstly the most popular companies who named it in iPhone breaking security just launched its own video editor. Now we will tell you iMyFone Filme Video Editor Review 2021 with complete Pros and Cons.

iMyFone offers easy-to-use tools for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch users to recover lost data. Secondly free up space, permanently erase data, selectively restore iTunes or iCloud backups, and transfer media files between your iOS devices and computer/iTunes. Now this company has launched its video editing software named Filme Video Editor. Let’s take a look at its features and tools completely.

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iMyFone Filme Video Editor Review 2020

Finally, iMyFone decided to launch it’s video editor so that it’s can earn a name in the content creator market. This software have all basic editing tools but not professional. Since it’s new in the market and has initial realise so may be improved itself in the future updates.

Initially, the video editor is launched only for Windows may be in future macOS support can be added.

Features of Filme Video Editor

Filme has a lot of basic features if we compare it from EaseUS Video Editor. We will discuss all features step by step with a complete list. Here are some popular features of Filme Video Editor.

  • Professional Features
    • Fast Video Mode
    • Multiple Editing Modes
    • Quick Slideshow Maker
  • Basic Editing Tools
    • Crop Tool
    • Split Tool
    • Rotate Tool
    • Adjust Speed
    • Editing Tools
    • Picture-in-Picture Effects
  • Effects Features
    • Basic Effects
    • Transitions
    • Text options
    • Audio
  • Advanced Features
    • Instant Preview
    • Multi-Layer
    • Multitrack Audio
    • Adjust Style

These are all popular features of Filme Video Editor which can accelerate your videos to the next level. Let’s take a look at these features one by one.

Professional Features

iMyFone Filme Professional Features

iMyFone Filme Professional Features

Every software or video editor company gives first priority to professional features. This is because these features are very important for every user. Firstly, Filme Video Editor introduced only three professional features which are as follows.

  1. Fast Video Mode
  2. Multiple Editing Modes
  3. Quick Slideshow Maker

Let’s take a look at these and review them deeply.

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Fast Video Mode

Filme Video Editor Fast Video Mode Feature

Filme Video Editor Fast Video Mode Feature

The Fast Video mode provides you with some basic built-in templates and effects which can be used to manipulate your videos easily. These templates are easy to use simple double click on the template which you want and it will apply automatically.

Categories which Filme provide in Fast Mode Templates:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Holidays
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Business
  • Others

Simply choose your desired category and apply the effect which you want.

Multiple Editing Modes

Multiple Editing Modes provides the facility cut of your media. In media we can add Pictures, Videos and GIFs also to make our video more attractive. These editing modes are very important because sometimes we need to add some extra layers in videos these help us.

Editing Modes provide us with the facility to add more timeline media. This makes them easy editing for smooth playback.

Quick Slideshow Maker

Quick Slideshow Maker, it’s not a professional feature but Filme made it more important. Firstly, every software provides the facility of slideshow maker. Secondly, we can add some pictures and apply some transitions to make a slideshow.

This is a common feature in all video editors so Filme can also do it.

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Basic Editing Tools

Filme Video Editor Basic Editing Tools

Filme Video Editor Basic Editing Tools

Basic editing tools are also important in every video editor. Through these tools, we can do basic editings like Cropping, Trims and RotationFilme Video Editor provide the facility of all these basic tools in just a single click.

Some Basic tools in Filme Video Editor are as follows.

  1. Crop Tool
  2. Split Tool
  3. Rotate Tool
  4. Adjust Speed
  5. Editing Tools
  6. Picture-in-Picture Effects

These are the basic editing tools let’s take a look at this one by one.

Crop Tool

If you want to crop a video, iMyFone Filme provides this easy-to-use and powerful facility. You can easily crop or resize your video footage, even make ken burns effects. Choose any aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16, etc) while cropping. You can crop your videos by pressing Crop Tool or by pressing Alt + C button combines.

Split Tool

If you have a video and just want to get part of it, what will you do? Well, you need to cut or split the large videos to get the part you like. In Filme Video Editor you can easily do this job by simply pressing the Split Button or by pressing  Alt + S shortcut key.

Rotate Tool

Have you ever captured video with a cell phone or compact camera only to find it’s vertically oriented and you can’t view it properly? Before you go straining your neck or flipping your monitor in order to watch your video, we’ll show you a few easier methods by rotating videos.

If simply want to rotate the video while you watch it, you can simply accomplish that within your media player like VLC. You can rotate your videos simply by doing double click on that clip and rotation arrows will help you to do this job.

Adjust Speed

Sharing the raw footage you capture with a Smartphone with your friends and followers may not always produce the results you’re hoping for. Slowing down the playback speed of a video can make a scene more entertaining or it can highlight an important moment in your video while increasing a video’s playback speed is a great option if you want to create breathtaking time-lapses.

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You can adjust your video speed in Filme Video Editor by pressing the speed button or Ctrl + R buttons combine. That’s an awesome feature and easy to use.

Editing Tools

Filme Video Editor Editing Timeline

Filme Video Editor Editing Timeline

The editing tools are those which make your videos more attractive and the list of those tools is as follows.

  1. Brightness
  2. Contrast
  3. White balance
  4. Rotate
  5. Scale
  6. Offset
  7. Volume
  8. Fade in Volume
  9. Volume Fade-out

Through these tools, you can get the shining video controls.

Picture-in-Picture Effects

A picture-in-picture effect is when two videos or images are shown at the same time with one smaller video or image on top of a larger one. These effects are mostly used by reviewer and podcasters. You can use this effect in Filme Video Editor simply by adding another video upper to another video in the timeline.

Effects Features

Filme Video Editor Effects Features

Filme Video Editor Effects Features

Visual effects created in the computer that provide interesting transitions from one scene to another rather than just switching frames. They include fading or dissolving the frame, wiping one frame over another and flipping the frame. Firstly, Filme Video Editor introduced only four effects features which are as follows.

  1. Basic Effects
  2. Transitions
  3. Text options
  4. Audio

Let’s take a look at these and review them deeply.

Basic Effects

Filme provides Plentiful effects resources for you to add filters and animations to create vivid and refined digital stories. These basic effects are educational, wedding and many other basic effects which will help you to gain more interest.


In video editing, a transition is what the author shows between two shots or clips. The joining of those clips is the transition from one to the other. Transitions can be an instant scene or image change, a fade, fade to black, dissolve, pan from one person to another, or any digital effect.

You can add various transitions in your video and stun your social media audience in Filme Video Editor.

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Text Options

Your title summarizes what your entire video is about. That’s why YouTube and other search engines put so much weight on the keywords that you use in your title. Include Your Keyword In Your Title. Your title is (by far) your video’s most important piece of metadata.

In Filme Video Editor Quickly create cinematic titles and text with all types of fonts and colours to choose from.


The terms audio and video commonly refers to the time-based media storage format for sound/music and moving pictures information. Audio and video digital recording, also referred to as audio and video codecs, can be uncompressed, lossless compressed, or lossy compressed depending on the desired quality and use cases.

You can easily add and refine music and voice to record and share your precious moments within your videos by using Filme Video Editor.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features in Filme Video Editor

Advanced Features in Filme Video Editor

For those unaware of video terminology, a video super is any text or graphic that appears on the screen during a video presentation. Super is abbreviated from superimposed, which in this situation, could mean the text superimposed on the top of the visual display.

 Firstly, Filme Video Editor introduced only four advanced features which are as follows.

  1. Instant Preview
  2. Multi-Layer
  3. Multitrack Audio
  4. Adjust Style

Let’s take a look at these and review them deeply.

Instant Preview

Instant Preview consists of a quick view for your video and audio for YouTube or Facebook. In Instant Preview, you can: Preview your video full small experience in the editor or use just the physical Daydream controller in the editor.

Don’t wait to watch your last video. You can preview the video while editing. Filme Video Editor has this opportunity for great features.


In video terminology, layering is the stacking of media elements in a video project timeline to enable playback of multiple elements simultaneously. By rearranging the stacking order and scaling, rotating and repositioning each clip, an editor can create compelling video montages for music videos, bumpers and teasers.

Filme supports multi-layering of videos, audio, text, images, transitions, animations and overlays.

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Multitrack Audio

Multitrack audio is a technique to add extra layers of audio in the timeline or video. We use it to Mix together any number of audio and video files into a single file. Make video recordings of the computer screen (screencasting), ideal for software training videos or demonstrations.

Filme can achieve the effect of being in the mixing room of a recording studio. Play 8 or more audio tracks simultaneously.

Adjust Style

Video editing is the process of editing segments of motion video production footage, special effects and sound recordings in the post-production process

You can easily change the soundtrack and colours of the video or an object to achieve a style or an atmosphere.


Filme Video Editor is available in two different versions: Filme Video Editor trial version and a lifetime license.

  • Free Trial: You can download the Filme Video Editor trial version from its official website. With the Filme Free Trial version, you will be able to use the program free of charge for 30 days starting at the installation moment. You can get the license by entering your E-Mail and name.
  • A lifetime license: This is a lifetime payment of $59.95, no monthly or yearly dues, and you can use it in one computer at a time. In other regards, it’s similar to a 1-year subscription.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit OS).
  • Processor: Intel i3 or better multicore processor, 2GHz or above. (Intel 6th Gen or newer CPU recommended for HD).
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM (8GB required for HD).
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later. 2 GB vRAM (4GB required for HD).
  • Disk: At least 10GB free hard-disk space for installation (SSD-Solid State Disk recommended for editing HD).
  • Internet: Internet connection is necessary for software registration and access to online services.


So, in the end, our thoughts are that if you want simple and basic editing then you need this software which is the best alternative of Movavi Video Editor Plus and EaseUS Video Editor. This software is very popular and emerging very fastly. Maybe in the future, it will improve its services and give you a great UI. Our team decided that Movavi still need some important updates and need to add more features to make it market. We can compare this software in basic editors.

In the other hands, Filmora and EaseUS Video Editor are great in Alternative. If iMyFone want to compete for this software then they have to update it day by day with complete functionality. What do you think about this software kindly tell us in the comment section below? For more reviews and tutorials Like Our Facebook Page or SUBSCRIBE Our YouTube Channel, you can also Follow Us on Twitter too for daily updates. Thanks

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