How to Paint Flag on Face | 14 august Independence day Editing<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><p>(<span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read)</p></span>

How to Paint Flag on Face | 14 august Independence day Editing

(1 min read)

In this tutorial, we Learn About how to add Flag Paint to Face in Photoshop With Very Easy Steps. This tutorial was Uploaded for 14 august independence day especially. 14 August is Our independence day, therefore 9creators decided to share this tutorial with our visitors. Learn how to Paint Flag on Face in Photoshop or how to paint graphics on the face in Photoshop.

Steps Did in this tutorial

  • Make Face Black & White with White Color and Make Mask
  • Put Flag in Photoshop in New Document
  • Select All and Copy Flag
  • Load Selection of Black & White Mask
  • Paste Flag in the Mask
  • Warp Flag
  • Change Blending Mood
  • Set Flag with Dodge Tool

Watch Video Tutorial

14 August photoshop tutorial

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Photoshop Keys Used in 14 august tutorial

Open-File Ctrl+O Black & White Color Exchange D
Open New Ctrl+N Black & White Ctrl+Shift+Alt+B
Copy Ctrl+C Close Photo Ctrl+W
Cut Ctrl+X Close Photoshop Ctrl+Q
Paste Ctrl+V Rulers Ctrl+R
Move To Next Photo Ctrl+Tab Select All Ctrl+A
Move To Back Photo Ctrl+`~ Do Back Ctrl+Z
Preferences Ctrl+K More Back Ctrl+Alt+Z
Duplicate Layer Ctrl+J Levels Ctrl+L
Exchange Color  X Curves Ctrl+M
Hue Ctrl+U
Invert Mask Ctrl+I
Color Balance Ctrl+B
Transform Ctrl+T
Exposure Alt+I+A+E
Camera RawFilter Ctrl+Shift+A
Merge Down Ctrl+E
Merge Visible Ctrl+Shift+E


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