9Creators is a website where yo can learn WordPress, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and many other popular software for free. Our goal is to help those people who does not pay the fee of expensive academies to learn these software. Learn more about us

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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I become member of this website?

Yes you can join us for free without any hesitation. To become a member of our website you need to contact us on our Official social media accounts or send your talent at marketing@9creators.com 

Is this free?

Yes! Absolutely right this is free website which is helping over 150+ persons in a month. Our visitors trust on us and join us for free and learn which they want.

Now a days learning is very important therefore we make this websiet only for learning purpose.

Which software I can learn most?

Currently we are working at Photoshop, WordPress and Premiere Pro. later on we will add more software’s by separating categories e.g, Video Editing, Graphics Designing, Photo Manipulation and many more. We recommend you that you visit our website on the daily basis to learn more about us.

Is it legal website?

Yes it is legal website and we do not get any fee to become a member of this. This website is owned by University Professors and Students who are working hard day by day to make it more reliable and easy, So that you learn from this website with user friendly and full information.

How can I report a problem?

We encourage you for this effort. Yes you can report any problem to us because as a human everyone can mistake. To report a problem about our work simple move to contact page choose your topic and send a query to our professors they will take a look at your problem and solve it. More they will encourage you for this innnovation.

How much I learn from It?

This is the main question which our visitors mostly ask to us. This depends on you that how much you take interest to learn a thing. We start every project from a-z and cover every thing which we can. Currently this website support only Urdu and English languages later on more languages will be added with the passage of time.

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