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Microsoft Office Access 2016 Overview

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Microsoft Office Access 2016 is the part of Office 365 suite. Access has widely used the software in Companies and offices. In this article, we will discuss Microsoft Office Access 2016 Overview to improve your skills.

Welcome to another tutorial, In this article, we will discuss Microsoft Office Access 2016. It is mostly used to manage the database in companies or for websites. It includes in Office 365 suite. If you’re new to Office then we have a complete note on Office 365 Overview. You can read and get basic knowledge by reading the article. So without taking too much time lets start to its Layout Overview.

MS Access 2016 Overview by 9Creators
MS Access 2016 Overview by 9Creators

We have also a detail note on other Office Apps

This is the Access 2016 Start/Opening screen here you can check your recent databases and also save your data. In this section, you can also find templates for your documents. This is the very useful feature of Access 2016. Now let’s take a look at its layout.

Microsoft Office Access 2016 Interface Overview by 9Creators
Microsoft Office Access 2016 Interface Overview by 9Creators

1. The Title Bar of Access 2016

Like every software, Access has its Title bar.  The Title Bar displays both the name of the application and the name of your current database. It also includes Maximum/ Maximizes, Minimizes and Closes your current window buttons. You can also Undo, Redo, Save and Preview Slides of your work by using title bar.

2. The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar help you to modify your current data. The menu bar of the Access is very simple but powerful. It displays all of the menus available for use in Access. The menu bar includes following functions.

Menu Bar Functions of Microsoft Office Access 2016

  • File: It mostly used to save or open your recent databases from the PC or OneDrive.
  • Home: Home is the main menu content where your modify your database. It includes all the tools which are required to develop a great database. It has the sub-menus like Views, Clipboard, Sort & Filter, Records, Find and Text Formatting to edit our database.
  • Create: Create is used to insert new elements like queries, keys and forms etc. It has the sub-menus like Templates, Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports and Macros & Code.
  • External Data: External data is used to import and export other documents files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc. It has the sub-menus like Import & Link and Export.
  • Database Tools: Database Tools used to compact and repair our data. It also used to analyze our data in database sheet. It has the sub-menus like Tools, Macro, Relationships, Analyze, Move Data and Add-ins.

3. Sub-Menu Toolbar

It is the submenu of the menu bar. We already discussed it in detail in menu bar portion so you can read in detail above under the Menu bar.

4. Database Access Objects/ Table Lists

In this section, we update our database. It is like contents of the table, here we can check our keys, tables and other database objects. This is the main area of editing our slides.

5. Main Area

Main Area is used to add contents like Text, Photos and Paragraphs etc. Here we explain our files in more detail. This is also called the main area of the Documents.

6. Status Bar

Footer/Status Bar is the last option of the Access 2016. Here you can know the status of your work. This show you that document is ready or not. In this, you can also Zoom in & Zoom out your document to view it clearly.


It is best for you to Buy Office 365 Subscription without buying it single. You can also buy it with single only for PKR Rs. 14999/- only. Or if we convert it into Dollars then it makes $129.99. You can Buy MS Access 2016 Here.

Microsoft Office Access 2016 Pricing by 9Creators
Microsoft Office Access 2016 Pricing by 9Creators


PROS / We can manage our Databases, Documents and many other types of Documents in this single software.

CONS / It is a little bit difficult to understand. Mostly Urdu writing makes the problem.

VERDICT / This is the best software for skills persons and it has many add-ons available in the market. We can use it for different purposes. A number of tutorials are available on the internet to learn it. 

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