Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Overview

Microsoft Office Excel 2016 is the part of Office 365 suite. Excel has widely used the software in Companies and offices. In this article, we will discuss Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Overview to improve your skills.

Welcome to another tutorial, In this article, we will discuss Microsoft Office Excel 2016. It highlights computation, diagramming instruments, turntables, and a large-scale programming dialect called Visual Basic for Applications. It includes in Office 365 suite. If you’re new to Office then we have a complete note on Office 365 Overview. You can read and get basic knowledge by reading the article. So without taking too much time lets start to its Layout Overview.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Interface
Microsoft Excel 2016 Interface

We have a detail note on other Office 2016 Apps

This is the Word 2016 Start/Opening screen here you can check your recent documents and also save your data. In this section, you can also find templates for your documents. This is the very useful feature of Word 2016. Now llet’stake a look at its layout.

Excel 2016 Interface Overview
Excel 2016 Interface Overview

1. The Title Bar of Excel 2016

Like every software, Excel has its Title bar.  The Title Bar displays both the name of the application and the name of the spreadsheet. It also includes Maximum/ Maximizes, Minimizes and Closes your current window buttons. You can also Undo, Redo and Save your work by using title bar.

2. The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar help you to modify your current data. The menu bar of the Excel is very simple but powerful. It displays all of the menus available for use in Excel. The menu bar includes following functions.

Menu Bar Functions of Microsoft Office Excel 2016

  • File: It mostly used to save or open your recent files from the PC or OneDrive.
  • Home: Home is the main menu content where your modify your files. It includes all the tools which are required to develop a great sheet. It has the sub-menus like Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number, Styles, Cells and Editing to edit our documents.
  • Insert: Insert menu is used to Insert data into our sheets. This tool helps us to make our documents more beautiful bu using GUI method. It has the sub-menus like Tables, Illustrations, Add-Ins, Charts, Tours, Sparklines, Filters, Links, Text and Symbols.
  • Page Layout: It is used to change or set our page Layout. This menu mostly includes Themes, Page Setup, Scale to Fit, Sheet Options and Arrange.
  • Formula: Excel is based on Formula which is its very powerful feature. Formula bar is the menu where we apply formulas to our files. This menu includes Function Library, Defined Names, Formula Auditing and Calculation.
  • Data: Data is used to modify our data like Graphs and Integers etc. Data menu has sub-menus like Get External Data, Get & Transform, Connections, Sort & Filter, Data Tools, Forecast and Outline.
  • Review: Review menu is to used to insert the comment and to explain your data with little tricks. This menu has the following sub-menu Proofing, Accessibility, Insights, Language, Comments, Protect and Ink.
  • View: View is the place where you edit the UI of your sheet. It has also the sub-menu like Workbook Views, Show, Zoom, Windows and Macros.
  • Help: Help section help you to get more about Excel. This section will help you to a better understanding of excel. This menu includes the sub-menu like Help & Support and Community.

3. Sub-Menu Toolbar

It is the submenu of the menu bar. We already discussed it in detail in menu bar portion so you can write in detail above under the Menu bar.

4. Formula bar

The formula bar displays data entered—or being entered as you write—in the present or dynamic cell. The substance of a cell can likewise be altered in the formula bar. We can use to enter or copy the current formula into the cells or charts. It is denoted with function symbol (fx). By clicking on the Formula Bar, or when we type an equal (=) symbol in a cell, the Formula Bar is activated.

5. Workarea or Cells

We also know it as Spreadsheet. It is because Cells are used to modify our current data. This is the main part of Spreadsheet or Excel. Here we enter, modify, add or delete the data. A cell is an intersection of a column and row. Each cell has a unique cell address. In the picture above, the cell address of the selected cell is B3. (GCFLearnFree)

6. Navigation Buttons and Sheet Tabs

Navigation buttons enable you to move to another worksheet in an Excel exercise manual. They are utilized to show the main, past, next, and last worksheets in the exercise manual.

Sheet tabs isolate an exercise manual into particular worksheets. An exercise manual defaults to three worksheets. An exercise manual must contain no less than one worksheet.

7. Footer

Footer is the last option of the Excel 2016. Here you can know the status of your work. This show you that sheet is ready or not. In this, you can also Zoom in & Zoom out your sheet to view it clearly.


It is best for you to Buy Office 365 Subscription without buying it single. You can also buy it with single only for PKR Rs. 14999/- only. Or if we convert it into Dollars then it makes $129.99. You can Buy Excel Here.

Pricing of Microsoft Office Excel 2016
Pricing of Microsoft Office Excel 2016


PROS / We can make Stores, Offices and many other Spreadsheets in this single software.

CONS / It is very difficult to learn. It also has to issue to find error where occur.

VERDICT / This is the best software for skills persons and it has many add-ons available in the market. We can use it for different purposes. A number of tutorials are available on the internet to learn it. 

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