Wooden House – Photoshop manipulation tutorial 2018

Wooden House – Photoshop manipulation tutorial 2018

In this Photoshop tutorial, we learn about many of new things in photoshop. We use the stamp tool to Spread or background. We also use the Refine and mask tool to remove the background of House with simply one or two clicks. And we also learn about HOW TO ADD LIGHT IN THE HOUSE WINDOWS. Convert Day into Night with Photoshop. This tutorial is Very Interesting and Help for Beginners and Photoshop user to learn Many of Helpfull things.

Download Stock :

Forest Trees

Wrangler Car


Steps I Did in This Tutorial.

  • Remove Background with Refine and Mask
  • Make Ground of House with the stamp tool
  • Warp House
  • Paste Sky on Background
  • Add Car and Boy
  • Now, Convert Day to Night
  • Add Light in all the windows of House
  • Warp Hairs of Boy
  • Set color balance of all images
  • Set Levels to Dark
  • Add Lights
  • Put Solid Colors to Fix Background
  • Put Sky to Make Fog
  • Finalize the Manipulation

Watch Video Tutorial

Read Below For Image Tutorial

First of all, Make a New Document of size 3000*2000. You can make background transparent or with the solid color.

Wooden House Manipulation - Photoshop tutorial - Photoshop Manipulation 2018 - 1

Now, Put Background trees on the Document. Transform background to fit in the document. Download This Background Click Here.Wooden House Manipulation - Photoshop tutorial - Photoshop Manipulation 2018 - 2

Put the House background on Document. Rasterize layer by right click on the layer and select the Rasterize option. Then make Layer Mask and remove the sky on the back of the house.

Wooden House Manipulation - Photoshop tutorial - Photoshop Manipulation 2018 - 2

Right Click on Mask and Select Select and Mask option as you can see on Above Image. Select the tool as Selected in Image. Click and Drag on Sky to remove the sky. Do Some Feather and Smooth Click ok.

Then, select the Stamp Tool and Make Grass. Press Alt Select Area you Want with the mouse to Copy and then Add it Where you want by Clicking the with the mouse. Fill Grass on Whole Ground As you can see in Next image.

Remove Background in photoshop

Fill Grass Like That.

Down Some Levels and Set Color Balance like Trees color. Color Balance is used to make the same colors of all the images in manipulation.

Drop shadows with Dodge tool. Simply Select Dodge tool and press Alt through the keyboard than with mouse Add some shadows to Grass. Make sure Ranges are on Midtones.

Warp the house, Goto>Edit>Transform>Warp. Warp as You See in Image. This will Fix House on Back Trees Background. Put Car and Transform as it looks good. Down its Levels ShortKey Ctrl+L and Low some Stations Ctrl+U.

Paste Boy Png Image and Make Its Levels Lower and adjust color balance.

Now, We Going to Add Light in the House to do that we have to make the selection of windows black areas. This is done with the pen tool.  Select All the Windows Black Area and PRESS CTRL+ENTER to make SELECTION. 

Open Adjustment Layer of Solid color and select Yellow Light Color. We Need to Add Some Color on Windows with Brush tool to make Realistic. Select the Brush tool and add color same as you add in windows first. Change Blending mood to Screen. Set Opacity As looks Good.

Add Black Solid Color Adjustment Layer and Change Blending mood to soft light. Remove some of Shadow from the center. Set Color Balance of Boy As the Whole Image Color.

Add Boy Shadow with Gradient Map. The Shadow of the Wrangler Car is also added with the gradient map. Just Add Gradient of black color in Circular Shape and decrease the opacity of that layer. Warp Hairstyle of Boy. Goto>Edit>Transform>Warp Paste Sky on Whole Document.

Decrease Some Levels. Change Blending Mood To Lighten. Set Opacity to 50%. Remove Some of the Fog From Center. Add Solid Color Adjustment Layer Change Blending Mood to soft light. Select the Color Which is Best as you want. set its opacity Lower. Thanks For Watching.

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