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As we know Photoshop is very Popular graphics and image editing software. We can also edit short videos in This single software. It has many tools which are important to understanding. In this article, we will help you to Learn Adobe Photoshop CC Tools Completely.

Welcome to another tutorial. In this article, we will help you to understand the basics of Adobe Photoshop CC tools to modify your work. As we know Photoshop is a very popular software from Adobe Incorporated Company. When we need to edit or manipulate our photos then we move to Photoshop to modify it. If you are new to Photoshop then we have a complete note on its overview. You can read this article and learn some basics of this. When we use any software the understanding of its tools is very important. It is because all the software depends on tools. So without wasting your time lets see what are Photoshop tools. Before we start we make a complete video on these tools to start it by watching the video.

So if you do not want to watch the video then skip it and scroll down for step by step learning.

Learn Adobe Photoshop CC Tools Completely

Move Tool

Photoshop Provide Move Tool To Move Things or Different Layers or Shapes. It is Very Easy to use and Most Important Tool in Photoshop Because it uses In Every Photoshop Work. It has Basic two features to make work easier and fast.

  1. Auto Layer Selection
  2. Transform

Photoshop Tools - Move Tools in Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial by ShaniEditz

These two features Make Move tools work more easy and fast Because they help in Photo editing Specially in Photoshop Manipulations.

Marquee Tools

Marquee Tool is a Rectangular Selection tool that is Used to Select Images in Square Shape or in Circle Shape. This tool is also Used Mostly in Photoshop. It is Used To Cut, Copy, Paste Photos With Selecting different Areas. Single Row is Used to Add Single Line Stroke.

Lasoo Tools

Lasso Tools in Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial

Lasso Tool is also a Random Selection Tool. These Tools are Used in Logo Designing. These Are Perfect In Creating Different Shapes and also Make Selection of Different Logos and Shapes.

Quick Selection Tools

Quick Selection Tool is Fastest Selection Tool in Photoshop. In Photoshop cc this Tool is Also Added in Refine Edges Feature. Quality of This tool is that It Can Be Used By Beginners Very Very Easily. In this tutorial, I show you how to make Selection with Quick Selection Tools. Magic Selection Tool is Very Good For One Color Selection and Mostly Used For Product Background Clearing Which has one color on their background.

Crop Toolcrop tool photoshop definition photoshop crop tool missing how to crop in photoshop cc how to crop in photoshop to a specific size how to crop an image in photoshop without cropping background how to crop in photoshop cs6 how to crop image in photoshop without background how to crop image in photoshop using pen tool 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next

Crop Tool Crop Images/Photos. It Cut/Remove Area that You Do Not Need Or Bad Areas. Perspective Crop Tool  Boards or In the Shape of Board or Window.

Eye Dropper Tool

Eye Dropper remove lens flare in eye generated due to camera Flashlight in Eyes.

Spot Clearing Tools

Spot healing - Photoshop Spot Healing Tools

All of the tools shown in the image are used for spot healing. Spot Healing remove face spots very easily. We have Many Tools to Clear Spots But Spot Healing Is Faster in Work. Patch Tool replaces Smudges on Skin. It is best to Remove skin blemishes. The content-aware tool is Opposite to patch tool in Work.

Brush Tool

brush tool in photoshop download brush tool photoshop cc photoshop brush tool not working photoshop brush tool tutorial what does the pencil tool do in photoshop history brush tool photoshop photoshop drawing brushes paint brush photoshop

The brush tool Paint / Color / Draw Thing on Photos. Also Used to Add Effects and it has Much More Work in Photoshop. Pencil is also

Stamp Tool

Stamp Tool is Patch/Copy One Path or One Area of Image To Another Area. It helps a lot in Photo Editing Like that Make Copy Of Lights and Flowers From One place to another place etc.

Eraser Tool

Eraser Tool - Photoshop Eraser Tool

Eraser Erase Things. Magic Eraser Tool is Work with Color Range and Erase Single Color On which we Click.

Gradient Tool

You can easily create a gradient effect using the Gradient Tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Choose the Gradient tool and click and drag across an image area to create a gradient in the direction and length of the mouse motion. A short drag creates a short gradient; a long drag produces a smoother, longer gradient.

The gradient is Shade Effects Adding tools on Photos/Pictures. Paint Brush is Fill Layer with One Color. Mostly Add Colors On the Whole Photo.

Blur, Smudge, and Sharpen Tools.

how to use blur tool in photoshop cc photoshop blur tool not working how to use blur tool in photoshop cs6 how to blur in photoshop cs6 how to use blur tool in photoshop cs3 photoshop blur layer blur tool photoshop definition how to blur part of an image in photoshop

These tools are used to Blur, Sharp, Smudge on Images. We Can also Adjust Opacity

Dodge, Burn, and Sponge Tool

Pen Tool

Pen Tool - Pen Tool Selection Photoshop

Pen Tool is the most Powerfull Selection Tool. When I want to select Professionally then I Use Pen Tool. The pen tool is Little Bit Difficult But It is Very Perfect in Selection. Just (Click And Drag) The Handles and Complete Our Selection. Press Alt and Click on Center of the handle It Will Break the Handle. It removes the next handle and makes Selection Smooth. We Can also use the Alt Key to Move Handle Change Placing of the Handle etc.

Text Adding Tools

Used to add Text on Photos.

Arrow Tools

Arrow Tools - Arrow Tool in Photoshop cc 2018

Arrow tool Moves Selections from one place to another Easily.

This Arrow is Also Created With Shape Tool.

Shape Tools

Shape tool adds different Shapes on Documents. There are Many Shapes in Shape Tools.

Zoom and Hand Tools

Used to (Zoom In) Photo and (Zoom Out) From Photo.

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