Falling leaves Retouching in Photoshop cc 2018 | Orange Effect
Photoshop Tutorial - Orange Effect - Color Replacement in Photoshop cc 2018 - Color Retouching

Falling leaves Retouching in Photoshop cc 2018 | Orange Effect

Falling leaves Retouching in Photoshop cc 2018 | how to make Orange Effect | Photoshop Retouching tutorial

In this Photoshop Retouching tutorial, I show you how to make Orange Effect in Photoshop CC. This is simply done by Camera Raw Filter in photoshop cc 2018. Some adjustments are done by this feature and other are did by Color Adjustments. Photoshop is a wide software we can make many of editings here so, this is not a big problem what tools I use, the actual problem is to make what I thought in my mind. Watch this tutorial and Learn how to make Leaves Color Orange with Selective Color / Hue Saturations/ Camera Raw Filter. Learn this easy method of creating the popular orange Leave Effect and Awesome look in Photoshop cc.  This tutorial will show you how to Use Color tools to Change Colors of anything and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers to create this effect.

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Tools used in this Tutorial

Camera Raw Filter

With Camera Raw Filter We Change Colors in Photos using Saturation.

Photoshop Tutorial - Color Replacement Tutorial - Photoshop Retouching Tutorial 2018


This tool is also used to Change Color and Sharpen Colors.

Gradient Fill

It is Used to Add Effect. We also add an Effect in this tutorial using Gradient Fill.

Photoshop Tutorial - Color Replacement Tutorial - Photoshop Retouching Tutorial 2018 - Photoshop tutorials - tutvid.com - Photoshop.com - Photohsop amazing Works



We Use Crves to Brighten Photo, Also to Add Effects in Photo etc.

Photoshop Tutorial - Color Replacement Tutorial - Photoshop Retouching Tutorial 2018 - New tutorial 2018 Photohsop - Retouching Colors

Other Way to Add This Effect

First, open the image. Click on the New Adjustment Layer and choose Selective Color. Under Selective Color, properties change the settings. This step is to change green tone into yellow and light orange, and also add some cyan for tree body. Again add the selective color layer to add more orange tone to our autumn pic. You can play with settings for different results and color tones. We finished the effect. let us stop the action recording. Now Open any photo and play the action. that’s it. Here is before and after. our channel subscribers can also download this action and PSD file from our official website. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Photoshop Tutorial Easy Make Orange Colors Autumn Effect. How to create Orange colors in Photoshop cc. Spring to Autumn Photoshop Retouching tutorial.

Photoshop Colour Retouching

In this color photoshop tutorial, I show you in detail about colors settings or how to adjust color in Photoshop cc. Photoshop has many colors Retouching tools or filter and in this tutorial, we discuss all colors setting in photoshop. If you want really Professional color retouching Watch full tutorial and learn how to add or change color or brighten colors in photoshop cc. In this Tutorial, We use color replacement tools in photoshop cc and we replace color with specific color. We learn how to change the color of a product in photoshop. We know What are color replacement tool photoshop cc 2018. I show you how to change the color of part of an image in photoshop. Watching this tutorial you Can do any photoshop color correction.

Short Keys For Photoshop Users

Open-FileCtrl+OBlack & White Color ExchangeD
Open NewCtrl+NBlack & WhiteCtrl+Shift+Alt+B
CopyCtrl+CClose PhotoCtrl+W
CutCtrl+XClose PhotoshopCtrl+Q
Move To Next PhotoCtrl+TabSelect AllCtrl+A
Move To Back PhotoCtrl+`~Do BackCtrl+Z
PreferencesCtrl+KMore BackCtrl+Alt+Z
Duplicate LayerCtrl+JLevelsCtrl+L
Exchange Color XCurvesCtrl+M
Invert MaskCtrl+I
Color BalanceCtrl+B
Camera RawFilterCtrl+Shift+A
Merge DownCtrl+E
Merge VisibleCtrl+Shift+E


How to Make Orange Color Effect by 9 Creators.com and Shani Editz

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